Luggage has arrived!

Zach took Will and I to pick up our luggage today in Malaba, Kenya.  Malaba is a border town on the Kenya-Uganda border and is about 4 miles from the mission house.  It will be nice to have some variety in our clothing.

Will has been spending his time going to the local schools with Bree and Alexis.  In the morning, Cameron goes to the local health clinic, and in the afternoon he joins Bree, Alexis, and Will at one of the schools.  I will have them update their blogs with some details.

I have been assisting Zach on the network expansion project he is trying to get started here in the Amagoro region.  In a few days, I will post some pictures of the progress so far.  My network access is slow and expensive at the mission house, so I have to wait until I get to the church office before I can upload much data.  Network access is worse in most of the schools.  They basically can only use low speed USB cell modems.  If this expansion project is sucessfull, the Elewana Education Project will be able to provide  high speed internet to the local schools and surrounding communities that rival our network speeds back home.

This afternoon we are heading to a school that has no access to electricity, and relies on solar panels and batteries to power their computer lab of 5 computers.  The Project hopes to be able to erect a radio tower here as well to help with their network reliability.

Stay tuned…


Luggage update

After spending the night in London, our luggage decided that it really wanted to see more of the world before catching up to us
here in Amagoro.  So all four bags took a side excursion to Mombasa.  I think they got the idea from the movie Inception,
where Cobb was chased through the streets of Mombasa.

In reality, the Nairobi airport had no landing lights for the night flights, so the flights were diverted to Mombasa, which is
on the east coast of Kenya.  We are in the far west of Kenya so who knows when they might show up.

I feel sorry for the passengers.  After an 8 1/2 hour flight from London, they now were going to be bussed to Nairobi which is
a 6 hour bus ride.  If the roads are anything like they are in the part of Kenya, it won’t be a relaxing ride.

I hope to hear from the airlines this morning to get a status update on when we will be reunited with our stuff.

Luggage on Holiday

Well, we made it to Nairobi last and made it through passport control to get our entry visa without any issues, and we didn’t have to wait too long in line.

However, all of our luggage was still in London, and if what they tell us is correct, the bags are on this evenings flight.  The problem is we are on the far western edge of Kenya.  They assure us that they will get us the bags.

Hopefully they will get them to us in the next 2 or 3 days.

Here are the coordinates of where we are staying.  

0.634272,34.330111 Copy and Paste into google maps to see where we are staying.  I’m having trouble getting links to work.

The vacant land to the left of the house with the red roof, is where the mission house was built a few years ago.  The Satellite image is about 5 years old.

Tonight we have dinner with the Bishop, then tomorrow we will begin our work with the Elewana Education Project.


1 day till departure!!!!

Hey this is Will  Maynard, tomorrow I’m leaving for Kenya, where I will work with the Elewana Project. This is my first time to a different continent! The Elewana Project works with schools. When I’m in Kenya I’ll be sure to post pictures and very descriptive blogs. I will try to post every day while I’m in Kenya unless I don’t have internet service then I’ll catch up the next day.

                                                                                                                          Kenya fun fact of the day-

 Kenya has two seasons a rainy and a dry season

Till next time,


Last minute details

Friday, July 15th:

We have all of our luggage packed and are getting ready to travel to Romney, WV to pick up Cameron at his senior church camp at Peterkin.

Tomorrow we fly out to Amagoro, Kenya to spend almost a month with Zach Drennen and the Elewana Education Project.


Cameron and Will are very excited about this mission trip, and having this opportunity will be life changing experience.

We will strive to update this blog as frequently as possible while we are there. We will also try to post pictures showing our activities.

More to come… Brent