Winding down in Amagoro

We only have 2 more days left in Amagoro before we begin our trip back home to WV. 

This last week has been quite hectic.  Zach and the Elewana Project have partnered with Computers for Africa based out of the US and Kampala, Uganda.  This week 70 computers showed up at the Mission House and we spent the week helping to set the computers up in 7 schools.  These are the first computers to be deployed in these schools.  The Elewana Project pays for the computers, training, and support.  All the schools need to provide is a teacher to be trained and a monthly Internet fee to help defray the costs of the internet.  The computer systems are older model Pentium III and Pentium IV series, but they are greatly appreciated by the schools who have no means to purchase any model of computer.

The local area netword (via radio) is starting to take shape.  We surfed the Internet from Kakapel, Kenya.  Kakapel is where earlier in our trip the first radio tower was constructed to get the signal from Bungoma, 16 miles to the East.  The other school that currently has internet is Katakwa.  Next week a tower will be erected in Kocholia to provide the High School there internet, and from Kocholia, Amagoro will get a feed to the Internet as well.  The Amagoro feed will provide Internet to 3 schools, the Elewana Project offices, the Mission House, the Bishop’s house, and a few other sites.

I’m sorry we won’t be here to see that happen, but I’m sure we will hear Zach’s shouts for joy all the way from Africa.


One thought on “Winding down in Amagoro”

  1. Brent,
    It seems like you just left! I cannot believe you are on your way home already. Have a great safari and I will see you on the 14th!!

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