Power outages

It has been an uneventful day in Amagoro. We have been without power for most of the day, and it just came back on here. It is 8:00PM here in Kenya. Sorry for not posting more, but I just haven’t had a chance. Tomorrow is Education day for all of the district schools, and students from all of the schools will gather to sing songs, perform dances, and give speeches. I will take lots of pictures and videos and will post them once I’m back in the States. We will leave the event early and travel to Uganda to spend the night in Jinja, at the headwaters of the Nile. The next morning we will take a raft trip down the Nile. This wasn’t on our agenda, but the opportunity came up, and we decided take advantage. Hope all is well back home, and we will see you all in a couple of weeks. ..


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  1. Hi. I can’t start my own entry, so I will write on this page. Brent, Cam, Will, Zach and the two girls from WV traveled 3 hours into Uganda to the Nile River Campground. They arrived late in the evening because they had events at the school all day on Friday.
    Their accommodations consisted of an upscale tent on the bank of the Nile River.
    The following morning they went on a white water rafting adventure. They said the water was very, very deep and fast with large waves. Their raft flipped over with one of the waves. Cameron held onto the raft and his paddle and was able to get himself back in the raft. Will and the girls held their paddles and went down stream where they were later picked up. Brent tried to swim to his right, which was an instruction option the guide had given them, but it was very difficult and he was picked up by a kayak. Cameron told me that they wore life jackets and helmets. He said they had kayaks that travels alongside the rafts to help those in need. He felt it was safe. Will said the trip was awesome.
    They were on the river for about 5 hours. They had a really nice meal on the trip. I did get details about the temperature or things they may have seen along the way because our conversations are never more than about 5 minutes/ day. They purchased a video of their trip ( I find this amazing because I don’t expect this level of sophistication…with video cameras and kayak rescuers)
    The other thing I enjoy is to search on google maps for “Nile River Campground”. I could see the river, the white water and even saw 3 rafts and a group of kayaks ( I know it wasn’t them but it gave me a perspective of their trip). As I write this, I believe they are in the town of Jinja doing a little exploration.

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