Tower update

Hello all,

I wanted to give you a tower update.  As of this morning, both towers have been constructed.  A 100 foot tower at Kakapel (Albert Erikrapa Secondary School), and a 50 foot tower at the mission house in Amagoro.   The workers from the internet provider attached the antennas and ground wires and radios to the masts, and we began testing/pointing the antennas.  Hopefully by tomorrow we will have the connection working to Kakapel and the neighboring school at Katakwa.

I’ve added some pictures to my facebook page.  It takes several minutes each  to upload even low resolution pictures, so sorry for not having more posted at this time.  Hopefully once we get the higher speed internet working, I will be able to upload more pictures of the trip.

Due to drought conditions in the Northeast and towards the coast, Kenya Power has announced rolling blackouts because the water level in the hydroelectric reservoirs is running critically low, and the backup generators are in disrepair.  Starting tomorrow, we will have power turned off from 6:00pm until midnight each night.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes as well.

Cameron and Will are still  having a great time as you can tell from their blog postings.  We are all busy, but everyone is enjoying their visit here.


3 thoughts on “Tower update”

  1. It is exciting to read and hear about your adventures. Are the girls still there? I was wondering about some of the details of Will, mzungu, Maynard’s life skill lesson. I think that all of your postings are fun to read so keep them coming. Good luck with the electricity. I remember having to plan around water and electric outages. Be sure to pack water and things to eat prior to leaving for Nairobi. I don’t know how congested areas might be with the drought, Somalians, and by now, possibly arrival of aid workers.
    Take cash in case ATM’s or Visa machines are down with electricity outages. I know you probably have thought of these things. Do you have a place to stay in Nairobi on your return trip? When will Zach be coming to WV?

  2. Hey Brent,
    I’m following your journey with great interest. Have you been offered any gazelle meat yet? Looks like the perfect trip so far…work hard, play hard. Be well and blessings to you, Cameron, and Will from the Anderson troupe in Arizona.

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