St. Peter’s

Today I had an all day outing at St. Peter’s Secondary school where we were introduced. (In Kenya they find it necessary to go all out in introducing new people) So the principle called together a parade, which is an outdoor assembly that all students attend, and of course we had to introduce ourselves. Right after parade we took the girls (all the girls form 1-4 (ages 14-22)) and taught them life skills on love. The girls were very good at answering our questions and also very good at asking questions. After that we were prepared to teach the boys, but of course we had to break for tea. Tea time was awesome we had buttered bread, boiled eggs, regular bread, and tea. After that we conquered the boys, and ate lunch consisting of beef, ugali, and greens. After that we taught kids how to use power point and excel. We drove home and it is now 7:21 pm local time

Till next time

Will “Mzungu” Maynard


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