Sorry been busy :( but it’s here :)

Hey everybody I’m sorry for the wait I’ve been super busy between landing in Nairobi and helping the most awesome kids in the world. It’s been great here, I love, but it I’ll start from landing in Nairobi

Sunday- We land in Nairobi after two days of flying, trust me not an easy feat, after waiting in the longest line for visas, we walk down the steps to the bag pickup. We wait and wait no bags, we spread out (there were four conveyor belts), and we search. After an hour of searching we give up, get British Airways contact info, and set out for the Nairobi ACK guest house.

Monday- We woke up at 6:45 am local time (aka 11:45 pm in West Virginia), and we fly a domestic flight to Eldoret where Zach Drennen found the strength to wake up and come get us. When we got home we chilled for the rest of the day. Until we went to the bishop’s house for dinner, (it was delicious).

Tuesday- We split our paths today, I went with the other group (Bre Reed and Alexis Reed), to teach a class and work with kids on computers, my brother went to the hospital, and my dad went with zach to scope out land for a tower.

Wednesday- The same as Tuesday except I didn’t go to school with the girls in the morning I stayed with my dad. (This was also the day of my first Kenyan coke which tastes 5 million x better than regular coke)

Thursday- Sorry to be bland but I did the same thing as Wednesday.

Friday- Same thing!!!!!…… Except we went to a bar in Malaba which was awesome! (I got a sprite and an alvaro)

Saturday- Awesome day all day hike through a Jungle and we saw monkeys, and we ate at this place called Golf hotel.

Sunday- We went to church! The most awesome church ever called St. Thomas Amagoro in the Katakwa Dioceses. Later we went swimming later where I got Zach to swim to.

Monday (today)- We went to the Katakwa Secondary School where we taught a life skills class to people ages 15-24, then we went on an extreme (oh yes, I do mean extreme) climb up a mountain and could see kilometers and kilometers (miles and miles people in America). And know I’m sitting in our living room typing this word that you read back there <-, while the rest are eating. It is currently 7:15 pm local time.

Kenya is amazing I wish everyone who reads this blog has a chance to come over.  Where the kids yell Mzungu (I’ll let you figure that word out) and everyone wants to shake your hand. It’s sort of like stepping back in time 50 years and everyone is nice.

I’ll try to update every day from now on.

Till next time,



3 thoughts on “Sorry been busy :( but it’s here :)”

  1. Hey Will,
    Glad to hear from you! I am so glad that you are having a great time and I cannot wait to hear about your adventures first hand! Proud of you!

  2. Mwalimu Will, I might know what Mzungu means. Do you know what Mwalimu means? I really enjoyed your blog. I am reminded of the joy of discovering the wonders of another culture. Keep up the good work even if it seems boring. Those, who are observing you, will see your commitment and be inspired. For many young people you represent America and the Episcopal Church.

  3. Hey Guys! Wow! Talk about hitting the ground running! So much progress with the tower already. I was shocked to hear about the production rate of the anchor holes. We cannot seem to get that kind of work done here in American – with equipment! I know that Faith is interested in learning about Cameron’s work at the medical facility there, so post when you can about that adventure and its needs. I am envious and yet I am so proud to have our own in Kenya making such a difference. You are making change in this world and those of us here at St Timothy’s and members of the Episcopal faith are proud you. Stay safe and keep us informed on your successes.

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