New update from Cameron

So it has been a great week in Kenya so far. I have had so many great experiences for example working at the Kocholya Teso District Hospital and rotating through each of the areas of the hospital. The hospital by the way is extremely different from anything we have at home its almost like they still use practices that were used in the 1950’s but it doesn’t matter to me as long as they are helping people.

There have also been many adventures we have taken like The trip to Kakamega Rainforest which was breathtaking and then today we took a climb on the Kakapel monument which was also extremely fun.

The culture here is also very different I get called Mzungu quite often by the children who are fascinated with us Mzungu by the way means white person. But everyone is genuinely nice and more than happy to accommodate you.

I know this is a short blog but I’m in a hurry this evening